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About Us

The Teacher Education Program for Secondary High Schools at NTUST was established in 1995, and soon after, Teacher Education Center was founded to carry out the program. The center's commitment is to develop exemplary secondary school teacher education program to prepare high quality secondary school teacher candidates. At present the center enrolls 90 undergraduate and graduate students each year from all departments within the university. Students who fulfill the requirements of pre-service teacher training will be qualified to take the National Teacher Certificate Exam which allows them to teach in junior or senior high schools, including vocational senior high schools.


For the pre-service teacher training, students must complete 26 course credits plus a half-year, full-time internship. Program courses include Educational Psychology, Introduction to Education, Curriculum Development and Design, Guidance Theories and Practices, Test and Measurement in Education, Subject Matters and Teaching, Instructional Media, Educational Law, Educational Sociology, Developmental Psychology, Class Management, Philosophy of Education, Gender Education, Introduction to Special Education, Creative Teaching Strategies, and so on.


We have outstanding full-time, affiliated and adjunct faculty members whose academic and practical expertise cover all the program courses offered. Moreover, they are also very creative and productive and are actively engaged in scholarship and cutting-edge research in the domestic and international community of education.


As a result, the Teacher Education Center at NTUST has been ranked by the Ministry of Education as one of the top national Teacher Education Centers of 2004 and of 2008.